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You can purchase ready-made products, and custom embroidery.

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Information for retail customers 

The Couture Lace company offers its services for more than 33 years. 15 years ago the company acquired its own production to create embroideries on fabrics and ready-made models. We offer our services to fashion designers for the production of complex and simple embroidery to implement their ideas in images and collections. 

Recently, embroidered wedding and festive dresses have become the integral part of the beautiful girl image. A volume applique on the fabric looks especially romantic and is a tradition, as many centuries ago, our ancestors used to use embroidery for a particular purpose. 

Our company offers you to add to the models that you have created a special ceremonial detail in the form of embroidery. Among the additional benefits that you get by work with us, we want allocate the  following

  • A work with designers, fashion designers and studios. If you sew dresses to order and have popularity among girls, but want to add to your collections new ideas in the form of simple or complex embroidery, then we are ready to help you.

  • Embroidery of any complexity and for any model.  Due to the modern technology and developments in the field of sewing equipment, you can create an element of any complexity. We are also ready to take up the creation of applications on any type of fabric, from the most delicate to the most dense.

  • Embroidery on your sketch. If you already know, what the type of embroidery you want and have even painted it schematically, our equipment will perform it on the fabric in a few minutes.

  • Embroidery on patterns and silhouettes. Our embroidery machines can be programmed for the embroidery of any complexity and itfunctions well,so all elements and details will be in the right places

The placingan order on our website is easy and quick, due to a special form which can be found in the relevant section. Our managers will become familiar with the request and call you for further details. Customers also should pay attention to the fact that our company is not engaged in the embroidery of small chevrons and emblems. Our company has cooperated for many years with popular fashion designers and studios, and we get positive feedback on the work. Each customer tell detailed information about his idea, and we implement his plans on your truck to the final model look flawless. 

The modern technology that we use, and the embroidery process itself are unique in Ukraine and do not know analogs. Ithave been created by the best engineers and designers in the field of light industry. On our website, we have prepared the best sketches and complete application for a wedding dress, a variety of which  may pleasantly surprise you

Through the years of experience and activity in the field of the manufacturing of the embroidery on fabrics and finished products, we offer only the best options to solve your problem.

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