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The Designer Wedding Cloth by «Couture Lace»

Welcome to the wonderful world of unique embroidery and lace, which creates the company «Couture Lace»!

Modern society no longer welcomes the simplicity and monotony of cloth, of which the most festive attires are sewn, such as wedding, evening and cocktail dresses. A girl wears the outfits not so frequently, especially the wedding dress that she put on once in the lifetime. Because the dresses have the distinct beauty and elegance, texture and colour schemes, patterns and decorations.

About 15 years ago, we have clearly realized the necessity of the presence on the market the unique wedding celebration embroidery products like lace, appliqués and accessories. It was the first impetus to the creation of our company, which has received the name «Couture Lace».

The «Couture Lace» - unique fabrics with embroidery

We create the delicate ornaments and patterns on fabrics, which subsequently turn into light and luxurious holiday dresses.

Our high-quality wide-format industrial Japanese equipment allows you to create patterns and designs in a variety of styles and incredible scale.

We work in two directions:

1. The wholesale sales. In our online store, all wedding and evening dresses manufacturers, small and large sewing shops can order our embroidered products in any volume.

2. The individual orders. We offer our cooperation to designers, who realize their inspired ideas. The «Couture Lace» can completely transfer your pattern on the fabric, tailoring and silhouette.

In any case, our cooperation will bring you the embroidered fabric of the European standard.

Here you can purchase:

  • Applications - the embroidered original patterns to decorate various parts of the dress: bodices, belts, and others. It may be paired and independently composed with abstract or floral patterns. There are no restrictions in the colour palette. We have a wide selection of coloured threads, so you can spice up any image.

  • Skirts and laces. The hem of any dress also can be decorated differently, and whatever would your designers imagine, we can easily make it happen.

  • Gloves. They give to any wedding image a special grace and elegance, especially if it is our gloves, decorated with lace and embroidery.

  • Veils. We have a large selection of veils, which will be in harmony with the wedding dress. We offer an opportunity to choose a veil in the same style as the other elements of the future wedding dress.

In addition, we can offer you the computer embroidery of any complexity on the order. It will help you to make your dress unique and inimitable.

We will be glad to cooperate with you!